Media Center Health Monitor will send you Twitter updates!

I have updated my Media Center Health Monitor with a Twitter addin. So if you have the monitor running and it detects a Windows Media Center issue it will update a Twitter account with the issue. It will also Twitter when the general status of the system changes e.g. from Health to Warnings.

The best way of using it is to create a new Twitter account and setup the monitor to Twitter it’s events to the new account and then follow that account from your regular Twitter account. That way all the people that follow me on Twitter don’t get spammed with my Media Center events (but they could if they really wanted to!). This also means that you could use Twitter’s SMS service to send you a text when the monitor software raises an event. So if your low on disk space or the main status changes to warning you could get a text message.

Here is an example:


You can download a beta of Media Center Health Monitor HERE (you need to signup first) and you can follow me on Twitter


4 thoughts on “Media Center Health Monitor will send you Twitter updates!

  1. Will this application be able to send alerts when a recording was successed as well ? i want some application to notify me that the recording was happened as scheduled.

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