The Media Center Show No.143 – S1Digital on Cablecard

The Media Center Show No.143 – S1Digital on Cablecard


S1Digital make a great range of high end Media Center Systems, including a quad Cablecard system. In this weeks show Paul Heitlinger from S1Digital joins me to chat about their Media Center systems, Cablecard, their new showroom and the importance of fitting good quality components into your systems. I have email including a listeners asking for help with an Xbox 360 extender that keeps disconnecting and an update on the Linksys DMA2100 Extender I have been playing with.

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Show Times:

00:50 Coming up this week
01:28 Email – Xbox 360 Extender disconnecting – can you help?
03:10 Email – Where to buy Extenders in the UK, try HERE
04:26 Using a Linksys DMA2100 Extender – see this video
08:28 Video – Tim Cutting at CES
09:30 Niveus Companion Basic Free Edition
09:45 Miraworldtv for Media Center
10:45 Windows Service Pack 1 update
11:47 A message from One Voicedownload a free trial
12:53 Welcome to Paul
15:13 S1Digital Showroom
16:30 Showing off Media Center
21:30 Customer Installers
24:46 S1Digital products
26:00 Quad Cable Card
31:30 Connecting the Media Center to the main TV
31:58 Platinum Edition
32:53 Mini edition
36:00 Cablecard Certification
41:32 Combo HD-DVD Bluray drives
47:41 Value of good components
52:24 Media Center TX – Touch Screen
53:26 1U rack Windows Home Server
58:00 Thanks to Paul
58:40 See you next week!

Music by Ian Dixon

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