MiraWorldTV for Media Center

MiraWorldTV for Media Center

Over the weekend I played with MiraWorldTV for Media Center. It’s a new plugin that brings Internet TV streams in to a 10 foot Media Center UI

The install is a nice simple download and then it adds a tile in to Media Center, you then get a grid of Intent web content. When you click on the content you get the option to play full screen or in a Windows. I tried Click (a tech show from the BBC) and it played ok on my test system, it did pause a couple of times but I think that was a Internet problem. It looks like it should work on a Media Center Extender but I haven’t had chance to test that yet.  It can also stream content live, so you could watch BBC news 24 live via the application.  make that Sky news as the BBC feed didn’t work

The content seems to be mainly European (which makes a change) with lots of non-English content

The back button seems a little strange as it takes you out of the application rather than back to the menu, hopefully this can be fixed in the next build. The feel is a very smiler to the rest of Media Center with a pivot based menu system where you can select by Popular, Categories, Counties etc

I think the idea is great, it means more content for Media Center especially for Europeans


You can find out more information here


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