10 Foot version of Media Center Health Monitor coming soon

I have spent a fair amount of time on Health Monitor (to much!) and thanks to some good feedback I have added a number of function, including a 10 foot version.
The two foot version monitors your system and there is an addin for Windows Media Center for you to be able to check the status directly from Media Center. It’s a bit rough at the moment, Media Center Markup Language is a very steep learning curve and the more you play with it the more you realise its possibilities, but for the first release the 10 foot version will be very basic. I also have plans to add alerts for when your not on your network, eg email

If you want to beta test the application send an email to Beta [at] TheDigitalLifestyle.com and I will send download instructions. At the moment the download is only the two foot version as I am still working on the installer for the Media Center components.

I also want to point to some resources on the web for Media Center developers that I wouldn’t have even got my first screen up and running without.


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