Xbox video-on-demand confirmed for UK

Microsoft have confimded that it’s Xbox Live Video on demand service has is coming to the UK. It’s been something I have been waiting to come to the UK (along with the Zune) for some time and it’s great to see Microsoft rolling it out to the UK. The HD content is very tempting and if it works well it could mean that I bypass HD-DVD and Bluray and go with VOD

Xbox Live users will be able to access and watch a range of movies from next Tuesday after Microsoft confirmed rumours that the firm is to launch its own video-on-demand service.
On December 11, the Xbox 360 manufacturer will make available high-definition films, including 300, The Good German, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Downloading a rental movie will cost 250 Microsoft Points (around £2) for a standard definition 480p movie, while the HD films will cost 380 Microsoft Points (around £3.20).
“Xbox Live Marketplace Video Store in Europe is all about adding to the ever-expanding number of entertainment choices that our consumers have on their Xbox 360,” Microsoft’s director of Xbox Live for Europe Robin Truchy said.
“We want to give them the entertainment they want, in the format they want, when they want it and at an affordable price. We were already offering HD games, HD music videos and the option to enjoy HD-DVD format films, now we are offering HD movies to download and rent as well. This is very exciting for us and the consumer.”

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