PowerPlaylist Sample Application Now Available on CodePlex.com

Charlie Owen has posted a neat addin for Media Center called PowerPlaylist. This sample application adds a custom Start Menu strip to Media Center and each title represents an audio and slideshow combination. Great if your in the mood  for some music and with one button it will kick off your playlist and slideshow. The application is a sample app that Charlie has posted full source code on Codeplex.com

It would be nice to see some developers pick this up and make some interesting applications with it, especially as this years Media Center Show Awards is going to featuring 3rd party and enthusiast developed Media Center applications.

Windows Media Center Sandbox – PowerPlaylist Sample Application Now Available on CodePlex.com 


0 thoughts on “PowerPlaylist Sample Application Now Available on CodePlex.com

  1. This is exactly the type of development that I wish we’d see more of. So much that I’m about ready to try dev myself.

    I tried to app for a but at lunch and I’m initially impressed. It ticked me off that you have to manually save your settings and it gives no save warning when you exit… lost all of my first settings this way, but other than that it seems intuitive.

    It boats that you can play picture playlist but don’t be fooled… their definition ofplaylist is to specify a folder location.

    I experiemented with the audio only and the pictures only… both worked fine on the VMC machine however the audio only did not work on my 360 extender. I feel that might have been because my extender library is not exactly in sync with my VMC machine’s library and I don’t think the audio playlist I was trying to play is in my 360’s libary. That may have been the problem.

    I’ll mess more with it later.

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