Roundup of the Extender News

Just finished watching Joe Belfiore keynote from DigitalLife and most of the news from that has been published already. It was good to see the hardware Extenders in use, but it seems like the price point may be an issue for some people

If you have a HP MediaSmart TV you should be happy, the TV set will have a free software upgrade to enable Media Center Extender functionality which I think was scheduled for early next year, but I may be wrong.

Niveus Media’s Extender looked great as you would expect. It’s called EDGE, no price yet but I expect it will not be cheap. The two Linksys extenders are the standalone DMA2100 at $300 and the DVD Player DMA2200 at $350. D-Link’s DSM-750 is $349.99 (no UK prices or even time frames yet)

Also shown was the new Internet TV Service

So now all the hardware pieces are there we need more developers to target Media Center, I hope we see more enthusiast developers working on Media Center projects


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