Internet TV for Media Center

Seeing as I won’t be getting Microsoft’s Internet TV anytime now as it’s US only I watched Joe Belfiore keynote with interest when he demonstrated the new service. It goes live for USA users tomorrow morning (Friday) and judging it by the demo it looks a nice service that adds some value to Media Center. The content comes from MSN Video and offers music videos, concerts and TV shows. MSN Video is starting to build up a good selection of content so it makes sense to offer a 10 foot Media Center interface for the content. The content is standard definition and as far as I could tell over a web stream looks good. The user interface looks like a standard Media Center design with galleys and pivots. So seeing as I am not going to be seeing this until I get to CES I would love to know how US readers are getting on with it.

Now to start a campaign to get the service in the UK!


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