Recording Problems Fixed and now Media Center is 10x Faster!

As I reported over the weekend I have had a major problems with my Vista Media Center PC. Basically if I recorded anything it would stop recording after a couple of minutes then start again, the log was full or errors too (see the original post for more details)

Part of the fix involved deleting Recordings.XML a file which contains your series recordings. When you delete it and re-start the Media Center services Media Center recreates this file, and this fixed my problem. My plan was to then restore an old backup of this file with my mceBackup 2.0 tool but before I did I thought I would check everything was working ok and to my amazement not only was it work it was working much faster. An example: Before I had the problem when I closed Media Center with the mouse it would take about 5- 10 seconds to actual close , Media Center would freeze when I clicked the close button. Since cleaning out Recordings.xml it now closes instantly, it starts up instantly and moving around Media Center is much faster especially in the TV section. I am amazed how much smoother it works.

I am guilty of setting up hundreds of Series Records and never removing them, I like to set them and forget about them.

So I am not restoring by backup and have scheduled the recordings I know I want, yes I will forget some but if I keep my eye on the guide I should be ok, I am happier with the increased performance and stability


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