Media Center Extenders

As I mentioned in the CEDIA news post Microsoft have released some information on the next generation of Media Center Extenders and I thought it desired a post in it’s own right.

I have had quite a few emails from readers and listeners pointing out that the details had been announced and that there is a massive amount of interest, I don’t think I have had so many emails on one subject in one day

The partners that have been announced are: D-Link, Linksys, and Niveus Media and that the Extenders will support Wireless N. When will we see them in the UK? Not to long I hope, the v1 extenders never turned up. Also talked about is that fact that the extenders will not just be standalone units and could be embedded in TVs and other devices and of course the units are silent. Divx could also be featured.

I am looking forward to seeing some more definite details but at least they are coming


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