Integrating a UMPC with Windows Media Center

Integrating a UMPC with Windows Media Center

Have a look at this video from Casey Chesnut, he is developing an application to use a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) as a companion device to Windows Media Center. So you can use your UMPC to control your Media Center PC, surf TV channels, use it as a picture frame and browse the guide data. It makes the UMPC a great companion to Media Center and as a UMPC owner this is something I have been waiting for.

The application is a proof of concept and is not ready for end users yet but the concept is great and it really could add value to the purchase of a UMPC. One of the most interesting features is the Channel Surfing application. The UMPC talks to the Media Center PC and brings back a thumbnail of each channel so you can visually look at what is on now, this is something that can’t be done from Media Center alone.

The application has Now Playing functions, Virtual Remote control, play list functions and a guide browser. Best of all Casey is giving away the source code free (C# and WPF)

This is the type of application that should ship with a UMPC, OEMs take note and give Casey a call 🙂

More details from Casey

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