The Media Center Show No.111 – Jessica Zahn (Microsoft)

The Media Center Show No.111 – Jessica Zahn (Microsoft)

By Ian Dixon (20.3mb 59mins 10sec)

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This week Jessica Zahn from the eHome team at Microsoft joins me to talk about her forum on The Green Button plus TV setup, CableCARD and beta testing. Also find out why Jessica had ran 12 miles before doing the interview.

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Show Times:
00:53 Coming up this week
01:26 Email – DVB-T Signal problems
05:59 Vista Media Center applications
07:54 DVB-T Fix for Australian users
08:54 mceComponents updated
09:25 DVRMStoolbox updated
09:47 Forum poster of the week, win a mcePhone bundle
10:52 A Message from One voice
12:11 Welcome to Jessica
12:31 Jessica’s background
14:16 TV Setup in Windows Media Center
20:11 CableCARD
24:44 Beta testing
27:43 What makes a good tester?
34:50 Jessica’s forum on The Green Button
40:22 Common questions on the forum
50:26 How to ask Jessica
52:30 How far did Jessica run before the interview?
55:40 Thanks to Jessica
56:03 Get in touch and win my book!
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Music by Ian Dixon

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