Problem with MCML markup

Hello, i develop a project with the Sideshow and the Media Center.

 But to help me, i found the sample from Matt Ivers, on this


 When I try to test the application with the MCML Pad, I have an error:

 resx://WMCHookServer/WMCHookServer.Resources/_Default : Failure acquiring MCML markup from ‘resx://WMCHookServer/WMCHookServer.Resources/_Default’

 I don’t understand what is the problem, because i have the file in the folder. So can you help if you can ?

 Thank you


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  1. I haven’t looked at the code but if the mcml is accessing any of the MediaCenter internal data (now playing, etc) then it won’t work in the pad as it doesn’t have acces to these. Try running it within mediacenter

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