Big Screen Movies – CodeName "FatLady".

Big Screen Movies – CodeName "FatLady".

Nial has been at it again and is working on another great Media Center application. This one is called Big Screen Movies, it is still work in progress but it looks an awesome addin

In a nutshell – Big Screen Movies is essentially a replacement for DVD Library/Gallery feature found in Vista Media Center. Although DVD Library is very cool – there’s a bunch of limitations imposed on what types and formats of movies you can browse/view, what metadata and imagery is available (if you’re not in the US the DvD info is a real problem) – and also doesn’t catalog your offline movies (ie DVD’s sitting on the shelf don’t appear until they are inserted in a drive).
Big Screen Movies essentially removes these limitations by treating all types of Movies (online/offline, other formats etc) as equal citizens (ie the same sort of metadata etc can be provided regardless of location/format) – and then ups the ante by supporting a brand new XML metadata file and allowing all manner of imagery and media to be displayed (ie. back covers, gallery images, movie preview etc). 

Read the post on Nial’s blog for more details on what it does and doesn’t do, I can’t wait to try it!



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