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I am back home after my holiday in Cyprus. I had a great time relaxing by the pool, swimming in the sea and enjoying quite a few drinks and no I didn’t do any programming or podcasting but I did take the Samsung Q1 with me which was great on the plane and having the extended battery was a bonus, I managed to watch a film, listen to some podcasts (Mobile Tech Roundup) and listen to music as still have plenty of battery time left. I was very good and didn’t check my email or read any post, it was nice to be disconnected for a while

My Media Center PC worked flawlessly recording my shows while I was away and shows how far we have come since the old days of setting up a VCR only to find that when you get back you got the programming completely wrong and missed your wife’s favorite program!

So now I am back and will be getting back in to Media Center mode, The Media Center Show will be back next Thursday, I am going to be bringing back Forum Post of the week, looking at news items from around the web and reading out your email.

Some interesting links to be getting on with:


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