New Media Center PCs from Niveus, Interset and Exceptional Innovation

Over on CE Pro there are two posts about new Media Center systems coming out.

Niveus are planning to come out with a lower cost Media Center system designed to fill the gap left by left by HP discontinuation of it’s Digital Entertainment Center (see this story from CE Pro), designed for multi dwelling units (apartments and hotels)

Niveus CEO Tim Cutting says that, in the past, the company has not had a down-scale product because, "in our circle (custom installation) we’re not trying to reach everyone like HP." He adds, "but in other markets like MDU (multi-dwelling units such as apartments, condos and hotels), sometimes they really do want to work with one vendor for both their high-end suites and their other units."

The post continues on to say they Interset may be planning a similar solution.

On another post CE Pro reports that Exceptional Innovation are to ship 5 new Media Center PCs, this is their first venture in to the hardware business. They are shipping 5 models called Lifemedia. They are planning five Lifemedia models, starting at $4,500 and including CableCard.

Its great to see a company like Exceptional Innovation coming in to the Media Center market and for more details checkout the post on CE Pro

Exceptional Innovation to Ship 5 Media Center PCs

Niveus, Inteset Plan Entry-Level Media Centers



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