What are the pros and cons on going from MCE2005 to Vista?

An interesting thread has been posted on TheDigitalLifestyle.com forums: Compare MCE 2005 to Vista Home Pro

The poster was considering upgrading from MCE2005 to Vista and asked "What are some Pro’s and Con’s for upgrading to Vista on my Media PC? "

My first thoughts were:

  1. Stability
  2. Stability (so important I put it twice, the WAF and all that!)
  3. The new UI. I love the new UI it’s much more intuitive to use than the XP Media Center UI, oh and the Mini Guide is great too.
  4. The developer opportunity. Big Screen Headlines is a good example of a free Media Center applications that looks great under Vista

I didn’t mention Cablecard as this is not something we can get in the UK

As for cons, hard to say. Vista takes more RAM and you need the correct drivers

Anybody got any thoughts?



About the author Ian Dixon:
Ian Dixon is a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional), founder of TheDigitalLifestyle.com tech site and producer of the weekly The Digital Lifestyle Show podcast. Ian has been writing and talking about Windows for over 10 years and has over 20 years in IT as an IT Manager. Ian has thousands of followers on Twitter and Facebook and over 4 million views on his YouTube channel.

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