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Fairlight Collection Vol1: Strings, Brass & Vocal for the Korg Wavestate

Introducing my first collection for the Korg Wavestate!  Featuring original Fairlight IIx samples, dive into classic sounds like the orchestral hit and ARR1, alongside iconic samples from hits like Kate Bush's "Running Up That Hill" and Yes's "Owner of a Lonely Heart," as well as countless '80s classics.

If you have a Korg Modwave I have a version of the Fairlight Collection Vol1 for the Modwave.

UPDATE: Fairlight Collection Vol2 is out! 

The Fairlight CMI was a groundbreaking digital synthesizer, sequencer, and sampler hailing from Australia. Its samples became emblematic of 1980s pop music, featuring instantly recognizable sounds favored by artists such as Thomas Dolby, Peter Gabriel, Jan Hammer, Kate Bush, and many more.

Introduced in 1982 at an eye-watering price of £30,000 (equivalent to more than a house at the time), the Fairlight IIx boasted 8-bit samples and a 32kHz sample rate. It was capable of reproducing sounds that were previously impossible to create on analog synths of the era.

The ZIP file contains 50 performances and samples. To incorporate them into your Korg Wavestate, simply download the ZIP file, unzip it, and use the Korg Sample Editor to transfer them to your Wavestate, Wavestate SE, Wavestate Rack, or Wavestate Native.

Included in the ZIP are the Korg Wavestate Performances, Korg Sample Editor Multisamples, Sample Bank, and the WAV files required for the collection. Unzip the file and import the "FairlightVol1.wsbundle" using your Wavestate Librarian.

If you already have a sample bank open, launch the Korg Sample Editor and import the multisamples from the “Fairlight Samples V1/Multisamples” folder. If you don’t have a sample bank yet, you can open my “Fairlight Samples V1.korgbank” in the Korg Sample Editor and transfer it to your Wavestate.

For those with Wavestate Native, set your Wavestate's user sample folder to the location containing my “FairlightVol1.Korgcompiledbank” file.

That’s it! You’re now ready to journey back to the ’80s with your Fairlight!

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