Welcome to my new collection of performances for the Korg Modwave. This set takes its inspiration from soundscapes, soundtracks, and sequenced sounds. In the video, I demonstrate the sounds and explain the background of some of the patches.

There are 23 performances for the Modwave. Most of the sounds feature polyphonic aftertouch, and some utilize the Kaoss pad. You’ll find sweeping soundscapes, digital pads, massive analog sounds, and hybrid sequences.

Download this free sound pack for the Korg Modwave, Modwave Native, Modwave mkII, and Modwave Module, and experience the magic of the Modwave.

To get started with this collection, download the zip file, unzip it, and then import the bundle file into your Korg Modwave Librarian or directly into Modwave Native.

Here are the sounds in action:

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