Released in 1990, the Korg Wavestation is a unique digital synthesizer that combines PCM samples, vector synthesis, and wave sequencing. Unlike the music workstations that were becoming popular at the time, such as the M1 and Roland D20, the Wavestation is a pure synthesizer. It does not include a sequencer, but it is a very rich instrument capable of producing lush pad sounds and rhythmic sequences. Fueling its sonic capabilities are two distinct forms of synthesis: wave sequencing and vector synthesis.

Many of the samples and wave sequences from the Wavestation are included in Korg’s Wavestate. I have recreated some of my favorite atmospheric sounds from the Wavestation on the Wavestate. This collection focuses on atmospheric sounds from the original Wavestation brought to life on the Wavestate.

This free download includes performances and programs for the Korg Wavestate, Korg Wavestate Native, Korg Wavestate mk2, and Wavestate SE, all inspired by the 1990 Korg Wavestation. The download consists of over 100 programs and performances that will transport you back to the digital days of the early ’90s. Included are famous sounds used by groups like Genesis and faithful reproductions of classic presets. All sounds were meticulously crafted by ear using the same waveforms and, in many cases, the same wave sequences as the original.

To use my collection with the Korg Wavestate, simply download the zip file, unpack it, and then use the Wavestate Librarian software or Wavestate Native to import the bundle. This will import all the programs and performances seamlessly.

If you have a Korg Modwave, I also have a Wavestation sound pack available for the Modwave.

In this video, I demonstrate some of the sounds.

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