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Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 11 for Windows Insiders on the Canary Channel. Build 26231 has new voice access options and improvements to Windows Share.
UPDATE: Here is my hands on video


Now rolling out to a small group of insiders is an update to Narrator. Narrator users can now use voice access to dictate text hands-free.


Start and set up voice access which includes downloading a speech model.

Read a list of voice access commands and Narrator commands from voice access help menu.

Changing voice access microphone state.

Dictating text with voice and hearing back what was dictated.

Another change is auto restart for voice access in Windows 11. This feature ensures that voice access will automatically restart if it encounters any issues so that individuals with limited mobility can get back to using voice access as quickly as possible


Window Share


There is a new Copy button in Windows Share for quick copying of files.

PC Rename

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There is a new PC rename screen which matches the Windows 11 look.


Here are what Microsoft say are the fixes in the build:


[File Explorer]

As some Insiders have noticed, we’ve done some work to improve how the new icon labels in the context menu display for non-English languages.

[Task Manager]

Updated the units (from MHz to MT/s) for DDR speed.

Fixed an issue where the Safely Remove Hardware option for ejecting USB devices wouldn’t work if Task Manager was open.

Did some work to ensure Task Manager releases process handles quickly when terminating processes.

Made some more improvements to help with Task Manager reliability.

We have improved the performance when changing the sort order.

Made multiple improvements to overall accessibility of Task Manager, including improving keyboard focus, tab navigation, text scaling, names of items read out by screen readers, and more.

We made it a little easier to resize Task Manager when trying to resize by grabbing the top of the window.


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