Regulars of this channel will know I am a big fan of the Korg Modwave and have produced many sound packs for it. So when the Wavestate Module was released, I jumped at the chance to try it out.

The Wavestate Module has the same features as the Wavestate mkII, minus the keyboard. This means it has 120 voices (double the original) and includes all the sounds from both the mkII and SE versions. The front panel has been redesigned to suit the 4U 19″ desktop/rack format. The power button has been moved from the rear to the front, and it includes rack mounting points.

In this video, I unbox the Wavestate Module, update the firmware to the latest version, and connect it to a Korg Keystep to try out MIDI 2.0 Property Exchange and polyphonic aftertouch. I also look at the rear panel to see how it fits in a rack and try out some of the sounds.

This is my first look at the Wavestate Module, and I plan to release sound packs for the synth very soon.

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