I’m very excited to share news about a new free sound pack coming for the Korg Modwave. The Tangerine Dream collection features over 80 performances and programs of atmospheric pads, sequences, lead sounds, and sound effects, all based on Tangerine Dream’s iconic sounds.

This collection includes sounds from albums like “Phaedra,” “Poland,” and “Tangram,” as well as tracks like “White Eagle” and “Dolphin Dance.”

Tangerine Dream is a pioneering electronic music group founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese in Berlin, Germany. Renowned for their ambient, space, and progressive electronic sounds, they played a crucial role in the development of electronic music. The band’s innovative use of synthesizers, sequencers, and other electronic instruments helped shape the genre, influencing countless artists and composers. Throughout their career, Tangerine Dream released numerous albums, including landmark works such as “Phaedra” (1974) and “Rubycon” (1975), celebrated for their atmospheric and experimental qualities.

The set will be available next week for the Modwave. In the meantime, check out some of my other Wavestate and Modwave sound packs, including sounds from classic synths, Kraftwerk, and Genesis.

Here are some examples of the sounds:

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