Microsoft have released a new build of Windows 11 for Windows Insiders on the Dev channel. Build 23615 has new USB 80Gbps support, changes to Copilot, sharing and a few fixes.

USB 80Gbps

Windows now supports USB 80Gbps works with Intel Core 14th Gen HX-series mobile processers and increases the performance from 40Gbps to 80Gbs.

Copilot in Windows

Microsoft are trying out opening Copilot automatically when Windows starts up on devices with widescreen. You can turn this off if you don’t want it via Settings, Personalisation, Copilot.

Windows Share

For browsers that use Windows Share the OS now supports the ability to share URLS directly with WhatsApp, Gmail, X, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Fixes and Known Issues


[Task Manager]

  • Fixed an issue which was impacting Task Manager reliability for some Insiders.

[Windows Share]

  • Fixed an issue which was impacting Windows share window reliability for some Insiders.

Known issues

[Copilot in Windows*]

  • When first launching or after refreshing Copilot in Windows while using voice access, you’ll need to use “Show grid” commands to click in the “Ask me anything” box for the first time.


  • Announcements from the Microsoft Start feed are still shown on the taskbar after the feed is hidden.
  • Keyboard navigation from settings subpages back to the top-level Settings page is broken.
  • Incorrect spacing and fonts used in some settings pages.

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