One of the most requested features for the Korg Opsix Native has been the ability to import DX7 SYX patches directly into the virtual Opsix. While the hardware version has this capability, the native version lacked it—until now.

With the release of the 1.2.0 update for Opsix Native, you can now seamlessly import DX7 SYX files into Opsix Native, and the internet hosts thousands of these files.

How to import DX7 SYX into the Korg Opsix Native

To get started, update your Opsix Native via the Korg Software Pass to version 1.2.0.

Once updated, go to the dropdown menu in the top right, select “Import,” and then choose “DX7 syx.” Browse to the SYX file you want to import, and Opsix Native will create a new bank. Due to slight differences between Opsix and DX (especially in the envelopes), the sounds may not be identical, but they import quite effectively. After importing, you can use the real-time controls of Opsix and add effects.

The process is straightforward, as demonstrated in the video. The patches sound great, and in the video, discover what’s inside the FRANIKE.SYX file found on my system. Could it be from a famous ’80s group?

Feel free to try out my own DX7 patches, available for free on our download page.

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