The Solina String Ensemble is the classic string machine of the 1970s. It was used by Pink Floyd, Elton John, OMD, Tangerine Dream, Japan and many more. Behringer have brought back the Solina with a reproduction of the original in a smaller desktop-form factor. Still using the analogue circuit, it is 49 note polyphonic (using the original divide-down technology) and has the original Cello, Contra-Bass, Viola, Violin, Trumpet, and Horn sounds, of which you can combine any combination of them.

The recreated sound is a classic (see my review), but the Behringer Solina can also process external sounds through its modulation section and phaser. This gives you the ability to process your synths and drum machines and give them that classic 70 sound.

In this video I show you how to connect the Solina so you can process your synths. I try it out with my Uno Drum and synths Yamaha TX7. The phaser brings the static sound of the TX7 to life and the modulator instantly warms up the FM string sounds.

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