This is my third custom sound set for the Uno Drum.

This set is a selection of drum sounds from my TX7 (the desktop version of the DX7) which has a unique distinct type of sound. There are kicks, snares, toms and other DX7 type sounds which you can load into an Uno Drum.

Download the set from here and then follow these instructions to upload them to your Uno Drum.

You will need to have the Uno Drum Anthology kits installed and then follow these steps: You will also need a USB cable to connect your Uno Drum to your computer.

To get your sounds to the Uno Drum we can use the transfer tool that comes with the Uno Drum sound packs. So, start off by downloading and installing the Uno Drum sound sets from IK Multimedia. Get used to transferring the sets from IK Multimedia before you start with my collection.

Once you have done that you can download and unzip the file into one of the folders with the Drum transfer tool

E.g. C:\Users\isdix\OneDrive\Documents\IK Multimedia\IK Product Manager\UNO Drum\UNO_Drum_Anthology_Libraries_WIN\UNO Drum Anthology Libraries WIN\UNO Drum Anthology 8 Sound Content Installer 1.0.0 WIN

Then you run the cmd file for the kit you want to install. So, for the RX5 run RX5.cmd and for the FM set run FM.cmd

Also checkout my other sets which include Fairlight, RX5 and TR-505.

Here is the FM set on the Uno Drum in action:

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