Microsoft has released a new build of Windows 11 for Windows Insiders on the Canary Channel. Build 25324 has an updated widget board, USB4 settings and improved password protection.

Updated Widget Board

The widget board has an updated look with a larger three column view. There is a separation of feed content and widgets so it’s clearer to see your information. Once again Microsoft are rolling this out to a small set of insiders initially so you may not have the new feature yet. Looking at the picture I would say this is an improvement.


As with the recent dev channel release Microsoft have added a settings page for USB4 if your device supports it.

Unsafe password warnings

A new feature is a warning if the password is unsafe on the Windows clipboard. This is using SmartScreen and has a setting to control it:

 We are trying out a change starting with this build where users who have enabled warning options for Windows Security under App & browser control > Reputation-based protection > Phishing protection will see a UI warning on unsafe password copy and paste, just as they currently see when they type in their password.

Here are the other changes coming with this build:

Changes and Improvements


  • We are beginning to roll out animated icons for Widgets on the taskbar. The animation triggers when you hover or click on the Widgets taskbar entry-point or when a new widget announcement is displayed on your taskbar. Currently, only a few weather and finance icons are supported.

[Search on the Taskbar]

  • Once you have access to the new Bing, the search box on the taskbar will include a button that opens the Bing chat experience in Edge. If you don’t have access to the new Bing, the search box on the taskbar will feature a dynamic search highlight button. We’re beginning to roll this out to Insiders, not everyone will see it right away.


  • We have updated several simplified Chinese fonts and the Microsoft Pinyin IME to support GB18030-2022.  With this update, you can enter and display characters from conformance level 1 or 2 via the additions to Microsoft Yahei, Simsun and Dengxian. Unicode Extensions E and F are now supported in our Simsun Ext-B font to meet the requirements for level 3.


  • As part of the deprecation of Microsoft Support Diagnostic Tool (MSDT) and MSDT Troubleshooters, we have begun redirecting some of the troubleshooters found under Settings > System > Troubleshoot and in other areas of the OS to the new Get Help troubleshooting platform.
  • If you have multiple cameras that support Windows Hello, you can now select your preferred camera under Settings > Accounts > Sign-in Options.

[File Explorer]

  • Made some changes which should noticeably help improve the performance of the “calculating” phase when sending a large number of files at once in File Explorer to the recycle bin.


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