Back in 1990, Boss launched the RE-1000 Digital Multi Echo. This was an attempt by BOSS to recreate the legendary RE-201 Space Echo using modern (for 1990) design and a rack mounted format. For an early digital reverb, it has a nice, warm, and fat sound thanks to a warmth control that introduces wow and flutter, emulating the RE-201.

I got the unit cheap around 1990 due to it having some damage on the input jacks, which I really must get around to sorting out.

Here are the specs:

  • Two inputs
  • Stereo or mono output
  • Independent Input gain with overload indicators
  • Pre EQ (low and high controls)
  • Output Balance (from fully dry to fully wet)
  • Decay
  • Warmth


  • Multi Echo 1
  • Multi Echo 2
  • Multi Echo 3
  • Multi Echo 4
  • Echo 1
  • Echo 2
  • Echo 3
  • Echo 4
  • Echo & Rev 1
  • Echo & Rev 2
  • Echo & Rev 3
  • Echo & Rev 4
  • Rev 1
  • Rev 2
  • Rev 3
  • Special

The combination of the warmth control and being able to overdrive the input gives some interesting tones, very much like the old Echoplexes and Space Echoes. It adds a lot of warmth to my Yamaha TX7 and old Jen SX100, and I leave the synths permanently connected via the RE-1000, even though there are plenty of effects options in the DAW.

In this video I hooked up my TX7 and demonstrated the different effects of the RE-1000.

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