UPDATED (01/03/2023) Yesterday Microsoft released the latest feature update to Windows 11. KB5022913 delivers the features via Windows Update if you are running Windows 11 22H2.

There is a small but useful set of improvements in the March 2023 update for Windows 11 (also known as the Moment 2 update) and in the post and video I will show my highlights and why you will want it.

Tablet Optimized taskbar

For users of tablets Windows 11 now has a tablet optimized taskbar. When you use Windows 11 on a touch device without a keyboard the taskbar automatically collapses and then you can swipe up to bring up a larger, finger friendly task bar with larger icons. When you select an app the task bar automatically collapses again.

New search UI

The search button has been replaced with a search box you can type directly into. In settings you can change between this new mode or back to the icon.

Updates to the notification area

The notification area has been updated with rounded corners and an improved Windows 11 look.

Task Manager

Task Manager has a few improvements. You can now search or filter on the application name, publisher or PID of a task which should make it easier for you to find the task you are looking for. The update also adds support for dark and light mode.

Energy consumption recommendations

Windows 11 now has energy consumption recommendations. The OS will recommend setting changes to reduce energy consumption and then apply the changes if you want them.


There is an updated Narrator with more voices and additional controls. Also, there is enhanced support for braille devices.

How to get the Windows 11 March 2023 Update

Getting the update is just a case of waiting for Microsoft to release the update and it will come down via Windows Update. The update is small and just requires a quick reboot to apply the changes.

Let me know your thoughts on the changes to the OS in the comments.

Video: What’s new in the Windows 11 March 2023 Feature Update

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