When I run an Uno Drum machine into my mixing desk while it’s connected to my PC via USB, I get an annoying ground hum. I also get the same problem when I plug my Yamaha synth in if I control it via a USB midi interface. However, using a Ground Loop Filter / Isolator, I was able to remove the annoying noise.

A Ground Loop Filter / Isolator is a passive device that breaks the electrical connection between two audio sources and prevents unwanted currents from flowing through them. The one I have tried is a Friencity Ground Loop filter which has a 3.5mm input and output. So, I plugged my drum machine into the filter and then the filter into my mixer. This completely got rid of the noise and I can keep my drum machine connected via USB.

The unit costs £8.49 from Amazon and has solved my problem with the hum from my drum machines and synths. Here is my video of the device in action:

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