In this video I try out a cheap wireless USB adapter to see how well it works and whether it’s a suitable replacement for running midi cables around my room. The SHUIAGUO MS1 mini wireless MIDI adapter which costs £15.89 on Amazon and included in the kit is the Midi In / Out plugs, a USB receiver that you plug into your PC (for iPhone/iPad and Mac you don’t need the USB part) and a microUSB cable for charging up the Midi receiver. The manufacturers say you can get around 48 hours battery life and you can plug it into the USB adapter to charge it up.

In the video I try connecting up to my Windows laptop and my some of my synths. I see how easy it is to get started and compare the latency to a standard MDI cable so I can find out how much latency the wireless connection introduces.

So far, I haven’t had any drop out or connection issues and the device is saving me from running MIDI cables around the room. It would also be great if you want to get into a bit of Keytar action!

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