In this video I try out Korg’s Modwave Native software on a Surface Laptop Studio to see how well the virtual instrument works on a Windows touch device. The ModWave native is a virtual version of the Korg ModWave which is hands on synth with multiple controllers and the touch KAOSS pad.

In the video I see how well touch works on the Modwave Native and how you can control the KAOSS pad and controls like envelopes and wave selection. You can use it as a VST or standalone. Normally I used it as a VST in Cubase but for this demo I used it in standalone mode.

Korg’s Modwave native costs $199 from Korg and if you have a Modwave you get the crossgrade price of $49.99

Apologies for my light reflecting on the screen at times! Hopefully it’s not to distracting.

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