In this video I look at the FAJIA Ultra Low Noise 6 Channel Line Stereo Mixer. The USB-C Powered mixer is designed for mixing microphones, guitars, keyboards into a single output with six switchable stereo / mono ¼ inch Jack inputs and a single ¼ inch jack output. The compact unit has a metal case, it feels solid and well made with individual level controls for each input and a single output. There is also a four LED output level monitor. The manufacturer says it’s ultra-low noise with no hum or hissing.

After running out of inputs on my main mixer and having setup new racking for the synths on the other side of the room I decided rather than running multiple cables around the room I would use this mixer on one side of the room and run a single cable around the room to my main mixer. The unit is powered by USB-C and included is a USB-B to USB-C cable, the mains plug is not included so you will need to provide that yourself. It does give you the flexibility to power it from a mains plug, PC or power bank.

The main thing I wanted to check was if there was any noise introduced and I am pleased to say there wasn’t. The individual volume control means you have some flexibility in levels, and I could turn down the input of my noisy old Yamaha RX5 drum machine. You can see and hear in the video there wasn’t any extra noise introduced by the mixer.

For £28.99 on Amazon it compares well to my Moukey MAMX3 8 (£39.99) which is a great sub-mixer but isn’t available at the moment.

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