Korg recently launched version 4 of its collection of virtual synths and in this video I look at what’s included in the collection. The original collection was launched back in 2004 as the Korg Legacy Collection with five synths and has now grown to twelve instruments ranging from classic mono synths from 1971 to virtual analogs of 2002.

With the Korg Collection 4 Korg have added the miniKorg, Electribe and KAOSS pad.

In the video I look at each synth in the collection and give you a flavour of what each one can do. The full package costs $299 from Korg and support VST and AAX as well as standalone versions. They run on Mac and PC.

Including in the collection:

  • microKorg
  • Electribe
  • KAOSS Pad
  • miniKorg 700s
  • Prophecy
  • Triton / Triton Extreme
  • ARP Odyssey
  • MS-20
  • Polysix
  • MonoPoly
  • M1
  • Wavestation
  • MXE-X

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