I have been making electronic music for many years, when making a recording involved using a Fostex tape recorder (look it up kids) and still enjoy making music today using the latest recording technology on Windows 11. I still love using hardware synthesizers and drum machines but now its simple and quick to make and distribute your music over the internet. I recently signed up to Distrokid a service for distributing your music to online services like Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music/iTunes and Amazon Music. It’s a straightforward process of uploading your WAV or mp3 files, naming your track, providing cover art, and then hitting publish. The basic service is $20 a year and that gives you access to unlimited uploads to the major streaming services. They collect the royalties for you, they have tools to assist with promotion and optional extras if you want to control things like release date.

So here is my first full album now available on Spotify, Apple Music and the other major services. 12 tracks of 80’s style electronic music with influences ranging from Tangerine Dream, Vangelis to 80s pop like the Pet Shop Boys and prog rock like Genesis. All the tracks have an 80s feel to them all recorded on Windows.

Equipment used:

  • Korg Minilogue
  • Korg RADIAS
  • Yamaha TX7 & DX100
  • Uno Drum
  • Roland TR-505
  • Jen SX1000
  • Nord Electro

Have a listen and let me know what you think!


Search for Ian S Dixon in your music service to find my stuff.

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