Microsoft has just started to roll out the next major update to Windows 11. The updated is called Windows 11 2022 Update (also known as 22H2) and includes many features requested by users since the launch of Windows 11.

There are start menu folders, UI improvements, a new Task Manager and new accessibility features including voice control and captions.

In this article I look at the highlights of the update and I have a video showing the new accessibility features and new start menu features.

Start Menu Folders

The Start Menu in Windows 11 gains a new folders feature which you can use to arrange your start menu shortcuts. You can group them together and then name the folder. I have them by related apps like Office, Social and Media apps. This makes it much simpler to optimise your start menu and remove some clutter. To go with that you can also right click on the start menu and select whether you want the default layout, more pins or more recommendations.

Microsoft has also introduced a swipe up gesture to bring up the start menu. There is also a swipe left to show all apps and swipe right to go back to pinned apps. There is also an update animation when swiping in Notification Center and Quick Settings.

Volume flyout

Gone with the old Windows 8 style volume slider and in comes a new Windows 11 style volume slider.


File Explorer has a new home screen with Quick Access being renamed to Home and it shows recent files from the local system, OneDrive and Sharepoint. There is also OneDrive Integration and folder previews of items within folders.

You can also now connect to a media server in File Explorer

Task Bar

There is a welcome return of drag and drop in the updated Task Bar, you can now drag a file to an active application in the task bar. There is an updated battery icon in the system tray.

Quick Settings

Quick Settings has been updated. It now has an icon next to the volume slider so you can easily see which device is in use e.g Headphones. Plus, there is a new Quick Settings link in the Bluetooth section.


Windows Spotlight is now available as a desktop background with new pictures each day.

Task Manger

Task Manager has a new Windows 11 style look and uses the system dark mode / light mode settings. There is also the option to enable efficiency mode on an application, so it uses less CPU. It also now shows the Casting menu option.

Live Captions

Live Captions is a new accessibility feature that displays automatically generated captions on the device. Win + Ctrl + L to being out the menu.

Voice control Windows 11 with Voice Access

Windows 11 2022 Update introduces a new way of interacting with Windows via voice. Voice access enables you to complete control of Windows 11 and Windows apps via voice control. You can control the mouse, dictate text, and control any areas of the OS.

In this video I show you how to get started with voice control and show you the type of things it can do.


Search has a fresh look which shows recent applications and a selection of search results.

Microsoft Account needed

You now need a Microsoft account when setting up Windows 11.

In this video I go through the changes to Windows 11 2022 Update (22H2) and show what’s new.

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  1. Nice to see the start menu move from \”huge step back from Windows 10\” to \”annoying step back from Windows 10\”.

    Did the default terminal being changed to Windows Terminal make it in?

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