As you jet off to your holiday location this summer and hear horror stories about lost baggage there may be some tech that can help you. Samsung SmartTag+ are Bluetooth trackers that you can put in your bag or case and then track its location on your phone.

They use Bluetooth to connect to your phone so you can view the location of the tags or ring then if you have lost them. The cleaver things is once you lose connection to the tags, they can update their location via other people’s Samsung devices not just ones you own. So, after dropping my bags off at the airport and the tags where out of Bluetooth range of my phone I could still track them using the Samsung SmartThings app. I could see the bag moving around the airport and get a notification when the bag was close by which was great so I knew when the bags where ready to collect.

The tags are simple to setup and easy to track using the app. They are small enough to put in purse or wallet, in fact I put one of the tags in my wallet while I was on holiday just I case I misplaced it.

In this video I setup a pair of SmartTag’s and put them in my cases and I head off to the airport to see if I can track them in the airport. The tags cost around £58 for a pair on Amazon.

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