June 2022 update for Surface Duo 2 adds 3rd party glance bar notifications and battery improvements

Microsoft has released the June 2022 update for the Surface Duo 2 and unlike previous updates it actually contains new features and improvements.

The update adds Glance Bar notifications for 3rd party chat apps so you will get notifications from apps like Whatsapp as well 1st party apps like Microsoft Teams. Haptic feedback has been added to the camera app and Duo now supports Slim Pen 2 automatic firmware updating.

Also in the update is improved charging that helps reduce battery aging by charging the battery gradually overnight. Microsoft have also improved device stability, system performance, touch responsiveness and camera usability .

Here is my hands on video:

022.418.98 This update:

  • Addresses scenarios outlined in the Android Security Bulletin—June 2022.
  • New Surface Duo 2 features:
    • Glance Bar shows notifications for 3rd party conversation apps.
    • Enables Haptic feedback control in Camera app settings.
    • Enables Slim Pen 2 automatic firmware update when paired via Bluetooth. See Use Surface Slim Pen with Surface Duo for more info.
    • Enables Automatic pairing of Slim Pen 2 while inking on either screen (requires Slim Pen 2 to have firmware version 5.133.139 or later and software version 5.148.139 or later).
    • Enables optimized charging to help reduce battery aging by charging the battery gradually overnight.
    • Enables Device Firmware Configuration Interface (DFCI) support to control device usage.
  • Improves device stability.
  • Improves system performance.
  • Improves touch responsiveness.
  • Improves camera usability.
  • Improves in-app camera experience in dual-screen mode for applications with dynamic orientation requirements.


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