Microsoft have updated the Windows Subsystem for Android on Windows 11. The update is available for Windows Insiders on the dev, beta and release preview channels. With this update improves video playback, network integration and Windows Integration.

The update adds H.264 hardware decoding for the Android subsystem so video playback should be improved.

Here are the main changes:

What’s New

H.264 Video Hardware Decoding

This update allows Windows Subsystem for Android™ to take advantage of hardware accelerated H.264 decoding. This should enable a better experience on several apps in the current app catalog that take advantage of high-definition video playback.

Networking Changes

With this update comes networking changes in the platform to enable future improvements. To help us improve networking features in Windows Subsystem for Android™, we encourage Insiders to file feedback for any network issues encountered in supported apps.

Mail Integration

We’ve made improvements to Windows integration with Windows Subsystem for Android™! In this update, the integration between Windows email clients and mobile apps has been improved. Apps that take advantage of launching a mail client or message should benefit from this change immediately.

MSAA (Multisample anti-aliasing) Changes

While MSAA is a useful feature for several game apps, users were reporting that 4X MSAA could not be disabled. We were previously force-enabling anti-aliasing, which has now been fixed.

Improvements to Input

We’ve made improvements to general input in Windows Subsystem for Android™, including improved scrolling in the Amazon Appstore and Kindle apps.

There are some known issues with the Android subsystem.

Video playback in some apps may be choppy on certain systems.

Coming out of connected standby, apps may be restarted.


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