A couple of weeks ago we had Microsoft PowerToys Program Manager on the podcast where he mentioned some interesting changes were coming to PowerToys. With yesterday’s update we can see some of the changes.

Version 0.56.1 now has 128 FancyZones increased from 40 so if you have large or multiple monitors you can really customise your setups. Also added is a new setting for Find my mouse, you can shake your mouse to active the tool, which is great when you have multiple monitors.

Here are the changes with 0.56.1 and make sure you checkout the podcast!

Upgrade notes! A big feedback items for new versions was upgrade notes. We have the release notes on GitHub as well.

FancyZones zone limit has been increased to 128 zones. Before the limit was 40.

Timezone conversion plugin for PowerToys Run! Thanks @TobiasSekan

Child and Popup window support for FancyZones. To enable, go to Settings→FancyZones→Windows. These were bugs we fixed that without realizing it was a useful feature to most.

Find my mouse will now activate via shaking the mouse with a settings change!

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