I find the Surface Dial handy when editing videos or whizzing through paragraphs in Microsoft Word. After upgrading to Windows 11 I found I could no longer customize my Surface Dial, Settings would crash when I selected the customize option for the wheel.

Microsoft have fixed the issue in Windows 11 for Windows Insiders on the dev channel but here is a quick workaround for anyone that wants to customise their Surface Dial now.

The first step is to go to Settings, Network & Internet, Advanced network settings, Data usage.

Next go to the search box in settings and type Wheel.

Click on the wheel settings option and Settings will open the wheel settings and not crash when you try and customize your Surface Dial settings.

You will have to do the same procedure each time you want to customise your settings but once you have your dial working you probably don’t need to go back to settings version options.

Here is my quick video guide on how to fix your Surface Dial Windows 11 issues:

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