I love my Surface Duo but how about running Windows 11 on it? The developer behind one of the tools I used to get Windows 11 onto a Lumia 950XL has come up with a tool and guide to enable you to install Windows 11 on a Surface Dou.

The guide enables you to dual boot the Surface Duo between Windows 11 and Android so you get the best of both worlds. It wipes your device completely and you have to get your own ARM64 Windows build but they all the drivers and boot images you need. It’s an early preview but fun to try.

There are lot of steps and its not for the faint hearted but if you have spare Surface Duo its worth giving it a try. I just happen to have a spare Duo so guess what I am going to be doing with it!

Head over to github for the full details.

One thought on “Fancy Windows 11 on a Surface Duo? Well now you can”
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