In Windows 11 you can project (or cast) your display to another Windows PC, Xbox or Smart TV. The technology is called Micracast and with it you can project your PC to a wireless display or another PC and it’s a fantastic way of getting your PC onto a big screen

All the components are part of Windows and there are just a few steps you need to enable it. In my video I go through the steps, show you how easy it is to project your PC to a wireless display, and how easy it is to set your PC up as a wireless display host.

Enabling Wireless Receiver

On the PC you want to receive the wireless display you will need to have the Wireless Display component installed. This is an optional component in Windows 11 so go to Settings, Apps, Optional features.

Click on Add Optional Feature and search for Wireless Display and then tick the box and click Next and then Install.

Once installed you will have a Connect app which you can open and then your PC is ready to act as a wireless display.

Projecting your display to a wireless display

On the PC you want to project press Windows and K, this will display Cast screen. If both machines are on the same network, you should see list of available hosts. That could be another PC, Xbox, projector or smart TV. Click on the device you want to project to and then Windows will start the projection.

You will then have the option to allow remote control of the PC from the host PC. You can use this so you can remote control your PC from the host PC.

That’s it, it’s simple to use and works well. There are a couple of options, you can set the streaming mode to Gaming, Watching videos or Working.


Here is my step by step video how to cast your Windows 11 PC to wireless display:

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  1. Doesn\’t work on windows11. Driver is installed, and like 1,000s of other complaints on forums windows 11 is just rubbish.

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