A relatively new feature on Amazon Alexa devices like the Echo Dots and Echo Show is the ability for them to alert you when it detects things like beeping, water running, dogs barking or a baby crying. It’s simple to setup and then you can have Alexa alert you on your phone, smart watch or audio announcements and do things like turn off smart plugs.

To get it to work all you need as an Amazon Alexa device and a phone to configure the routine.


Step by step guide: Configure Alexa to detect sounds

The first step is to go to Routines in the Alexa app on your phone (tap on the More button to show the Routine option)

Tap on the + button to create a new routine

Tap on Sound Detection (public preview)

Tap on the sound you want alerting for:

Tap on the Alexa you want to listen for the alerts

You can now pick a time range when you get alerts, you could have it only alert you through certain time windows e.g. 8am to 8pm

You can then select what action you want Alexa to perform, you can go to Messaging and select Notification which will alert you on phone or you can have it send an announcement.

You can also set Alexa to turn on or off a smart plug by adding additional steps e.g Turning on a smart plug by taping on the Add action button (+)

Save the routine and that’s it.

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