What are Managed IT Services, and why are they important for your business?

As a business leader in the digital age, you will no doubt be aware of the enormous emphasis on computing and IT assets within your company. Whether you are relying on your website to sell products, the security of your sensitive data, or more specialist digital assets for your employees to do their jobs, you cannot afford for your IT network to malfunction.

Unfortunately, few businesses have sufficient recourse for an IT issue – whether a system outage, insider threat, or difficulty replacing out-of-date software. The inevitable result is further problems, missed deadlines, and a huge blow to overall productivity, but it doesn’t need to be this way.

Managed IT Services help you to keep your digital assets functioning correctly for one simple reason – you have a team of experts in your corner, keeping an eye on your systems and ensuring they are always functioning correctly.

This is what Managed IT services are and why they are important for your business:

This is a quick definition of Managed IT Services

Before you find out why managed IT services or a virtual chief information officer could be useful for your company, it is crucial that you have a working understanding of what the term means.

A managed IT service is when you outsource the daily running and support of your IT estate to an exterior team that specializes in managing corporate IT systems. The level of involvement this team has within your network depends on the deal you strike up and whether you already have an in-house IT support team.

It could be that you only want these services to cover backup support, whereby the outsourced team aids your in-house IT team, providing them with additional resources and advice.

Alternatively, you may want your managed IT services to be more hands-on, providing direct support and ensuring your systems are functioning correctly.

Managed IT services help you stay on top of any outages or problems

The most fundamental reason why managed IT services are useful to your business is because they help you stay on top of system management, risk avoidance, software, and hardware integration, as well as organizing the various IT branches within your business.

You could, for instance, be transitioning between an office and a remote workforce, requiring a huge amount of process and system adjustment, security alterations, and new software integration. This is a huge amount of work for you to complete yourself, so bringing a team of specialists into the fold can help you create a functioning IT estate from the ground up.

You can grow faster by using Managed IT Services

Another key reason why managed IT services are important is that they can help you grow faster as a business.

If you are only small but you are growing quickly, then you probably won’t have time to put a full-time IT support team in place or even have the necessary resources to integrate and manage new software and hardware assets that are required for continued growth. If you were to try and attempt this yourself, it would massively slow down your progress and even squander the momentum you have created for yourself.

A managed IT support team will help you to focus on your corporate development and grow faster as a result.

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