Today Microsoft releases Windows 11, it’s replacement for Windows 10. There are many changes both under the hood and visual from Windows 10 to Windows 11 and in this is my five favourite changes in Windows 11.


1. New Start and taskbar

The first visible change after upgrading is the taskbar. The icons are now centred, the search box is done and there is a new start button. The start menu has changed. Gone are live tiles and in are app shortcut and recommended documents.

2. Rounded corners and other UI changes

You will also notice that everywhere in Windows 11 has rounded corners, windows and dialog boxes have all been given a refresh. There are new menus which also have the Windows 11 look and feel.

3. Snap Assist

Snap assist makes it easy to multi-task by splitting the screen into different zones.

4. Settings

One of the main changes to Windows 11 is with Settings. The new settings apps has a much improved look, better organised and has additional settings over Windows 10.

5 Widgets

News and Interest has gone in Windows 11 and it replaced widgets which slide in from the left hand side. You can customise your news feeds and add widgets like Calendar, Onedrive and Microsoft Family safety.

One more thing: Microsoft Store

Also worth talking about is the new Microsoft Store in Windows 11. As well as having a visual redesign it also has desktop apps like Zoom, Visual Studio and VLC.

Here is my video looking at the top five new features in Windows 11

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