At today’s Microsoft event Microsoft have announced the Surface Duo 2, its 2nd gen Android phone. The Surface Duo 2 address many of the issues with the original Surface Duo while maintaining its dual screen devices.

Having used my Duo for the last year the Duo 2 is going to fix the issues I had with the device.

The main improvements are:

  • Rear facing camera (triple lens)
  • NFC for contactless payments
  • Larger curved screen 8.3 x 90hz
  • Improved CPU (Snapdragon 888 5g)
  • Android 11
  • Available in Black and White
  • Surface Duo 2 pen cover
  • Glance bar on the size so you can see your notifications while closed
  • Wifi 6

The poor camera and lack of NFC are the biggest problems for me with the Surface Duo so improvements will make it the complete device for me.


Release date 20 October 2021, starting at £1,349.00

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