Next week Microsoft will release Windows 11 its replacement for Windows 10. From October 5th Windows 11 will be available on new PCs and a free upgrade to supported Windows 10 devices (see Microsoft’s minimum specs).

While there are many under the hood changes (no more 32bit versions for example) there many visual changes to Windows 11 from Windows 10, so in this post and video I am going to put Windows 10 side by side with Windows 11.

Start, Taskbar and Rounded Corners

The first visible change after upgrading is the taskbar. The icons are now centred, the search box is done and there is a new start button.

Windows 11

Windows 10

The start menu has changed. Gone are live tiles and in are app shortcut and recommended documents:

Windows 11

Windows 10

You will also notice that everywhere in Windows 11 has rounded corners and there are new snap and dock options in each window


Microsoft introduces the News & Interest feature in Windows 10 last year but in Windows 11 it’s been replaced by Widgets which slide in from the left of the screen:


You will also see Settings looks a lot different in Windows 11.

Windows 11

Windows 10


In Windows 11 the menus are a new look:

Windows 11

Windows 10

Microsoft Store and updated apps

The Microsoft Store has a new look, plus there are new apps available in the Windows 11 store like PowerToys and Visual Studio:

Some of the apps that ship with Windows 11 have been updated. Including Clock which new Focus Sessions, Photos and others.

Video: What’s the difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11?

In this video I look I put Windows 10 side by side with Windows 11 and look at some of the main changes in Microsoft’s new OS.

  • Start Menu in Windows 10 v Windows 11
  • Changes to the taskbar
  • UI changes
  • Action Centre in Windows 10 v Windows 11
  • Notifications changes
  • Settings in Windows 10 v Windows 11
  • Updated Microsoft Store
  • Updated apps in Windows 11

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