How become a Windows Insider and test Windows 11

If you want to try out Windows 11 now is a great time to join the Windows Insider Program and try the new OS. There are few steps you need to take to try Windows 11, the OS hasn’t been released yet and is still in development but via the Windows Insider Program you can try Windows 11 and send feedback back to Microsoft.

First off as Windows 11 is still in development there will be the bugs in the OS and you may want to wipe your device and go back to Windows 10, so you should use a device that you don’t mind experimenting on. Remember this is a test software!

The first step is to go to and join the Windows Insider Program.

Next go into Settings, Updates and Security and go to the Windows Insider settings.

Click on the Link a Windows Insider account and select your Microsoft account.

You can then pick which channel you want to receive test updates:

The Dev channel is the most frequent set of updates and the least stable. Beta Channel gets Windows 11 updates and the builds should be more stable than the Dev channel. The Release Preview channel is currently only Windows 10 and will not give you Windows 11. I would recommend beta channel if you want to try out Windows 11 or if you want to test the very latest version and don’t mind the risk and frequent updates then select Dev Channel.

If you only see the Release Preview Channel your machine does not meet the requirements for Windows 11 (see Microsoft’s requirements).

Once you have selected Beta or Dev channel you will need to reboot.

After a reboot go to Settings, Updates & Security and click on Check for updates. Your machine should then start downloading Windows 11.

Here is my video guide on how to get Windows 11

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